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Monday, March 10th, 2008. 8:00pm

I have created a Google map showing areas of proposed significant development around the city of Cambridge.

47,500 new homes are planned to be built in and around Cambridge by 2016. What the below maps don’t show is the very high density of the proposed new developments, a very large number of people will be crammed into these spaces – the result has been described as: “Another Cambridge in Cambridge”.

If you are a resident of Cambridge, do you feel you have been consulted and made an informed decision to change your City in this way?

Use the map controls to zoom and move round the map, click on the areas for links to more details.

View In Google Maps (Larger, more features)
Expanded view to show Northstowe and Mereham

View in Google Maps (Larger, more features)

  • Expansion on this scale has the potential to completely change the character of the City, does Cambridge want or need this level of expansion?
  • If transport improvements do not coincide with development, this expansion would result in major traffic problems. I do not believe assumptions of the scale in which those living on these new developments are expected not to use cars. I am very cautious of accepting assurances that transport improvements will take place.
  • Paving over fields results in more surface water posing a flood risk if not mitigated. Change on this scale could affect much of the City.
  • I do not believe house price problems are simply a matter of supply and demand, reckless lending and borrowing also drives prices up.
  • A large proportion of the proposed development is high density flats, these are not the homes required by families in the City’s suburbs.
  • Opportunities to improve the City’s infrastructure with improved roads and junctions are being missed.

One comment/update on “Cambridge City Development Map

  1. Richard Article author

    Interestingly shortly after I wrote a post mentioning Northstowe I got a visit from an IP address registered to Communique Public Relations who are responsible for the communications and consultation strategy for Northstowe.

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