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Monday, March 10th, 2008. 3:30am

I thought the ward map offered by Cambridge City Council was a bit lacking so I produced a Google Maps version. Use the on-map controls to zoom, drag to move and click on a ward for its name :

View on Google Maps

The extent of the City boundary can be seen from the ward map. I believe there are areas where it would make sense to expand the city boundary so that those who essentially live in the City are able to have a say in how it is run. Areas I think should come within the City include:

  • Howgate Road, Sunset Square St. Catherine’s Square and other roads off Kings Hedges Road currently outside the city.
  • Arbury Park (also off Kings Hedges Road).
  • Fen Road
  • The whole Cambridge Airport site in advance of any housing development on it
  • Gazelle Way and associated roads
  • Teasel Way and adjoining roads
  • The Trumpington Meadows site in advance of any housing development on it

I believe that is a minimum, and following the expansion of the physical city the boundaries may need to move further out in the future. The question of why the science park and Cowley road remain outside the city is also pertinent.

I would like to see expansion controlled and for places such as Milton, Teversham, Girton and other surrounding villages to retain separation although they are being encroached already.

I also believe that the areas just outside the City boundaries don’t get the attention they need from the district councils for example these areas are often where significant fly-tipping takes place.

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  1. paul canning

    There are ‘issues’ with OS with defining boundaries: ie they claim ownership. This *may be sorted by the govt. but they appear to have caved on OS commercial needs.

    Should ask CCC map providers why this might be an issue Ricardo :]

  2. Richard Article author

    There is currently an opportunity to make observations on the strategy for increasing the use of Ordnance Survey data by commenting on their website.

    An opportunity to make more OS data freely available was recently missed by the Government however some data will be made available for free via the OS’s OpenSpace service.

    MySociety tweeted earlier:

    Just realised we’ve spent 4 times as much on public sector data for our newest project than on hardware. Something is rotten in the state…

    They’re usually right.

  3. Dr John Wilkes

    Many thanks for this really useful map. I’m having to check boundaries all the time, when allocating members to wards.

    John Wilkes

    1. Richard Taylor Article author

      The way Google allows maps to be embedded has changed. I’ve updated the map in the main article to use the MapIt data using Google’s current system. I’m making the KML file for those who want it to display the data elsewhere.

  4. Stephen Lintott

    This is an excellent map and when viewed online is really useful but when I attempt to print the marking of the wards they have disappeared is their a solution to this

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  6. Richard Taylor Article author

    As of May 2017 the Cambridgeshire County Council wards are diverging from the Cambridge City Council wards.

    The official map is I’ve rather scrappily (but reasonably for my purposes) traced it into a Google Map:

    The boundaries, but not the data describing them, are also available on a map at:

    Hopefully the official data will be available soon via MapIt and Ordance Survey’s Boundry-Line.

    It’s a bit rubbish that the only official data so far describing the boundaries is, as far as I can see, in the form of images.

    Once the official data is available I’ll be able to embed and use a prettier map.

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