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  1. Richard Article author

    Having not received a reply from the Home Office I today (7th July 2008) decided to write to them again:

    On the 7th of February 2008 The Home Secretary announced:
    “Scrapping the lengthy form used to record Stop and Account. The police will instead use Airwave police radio technology to record any encounter, and a simple card will be given to those stopped to enable them to call for further information. This will be initially piloted in three force areas.” (

    Could you please let me know the status of these trials (Commenced / Finished) and if they being run in compliance with the existing PACE Code A or if new legislation / orders have been introduced, or will need to be introduced to enable these trials?

    I note I am still awaiting a response to my email of the 20th April 2008 to this address in which I asked:

    Could you let me know which are the three pilot areas for abolishing the stop and account form?

    Could you let me know if other police forces have decided to abolish the stop and account form without waiting for the results of these pilots? (I have been told by a Police Inspector in Cambridge that the form has already been abolished here). [I have since had this confirmed by email (see above)]

    Will the abolition of the stop and account form be followed by the deletion or destruction of the data collected by the police via the stop and account form while it was in use?

    Richard Taylor

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