Initial 30 MPH Sign Missing on Milton Road in Cambridge

Sunday, July 24th, 2016. 6:44pm

One of the initial 30 MPH signs for drivers entering Cambridge on Milton Road has been missing for almost a week at least.

Shortly after passing the site of the missing sign drivers entering Cambridge encounter one of Cambridgeshire’s most frequently triggered speed cameras. I wonder if the sign’s removal has been notified to the police’s joint Cameras, Tickets, and Collisions office and if the processing of drivers caught by the camera has been suspended. I think fixed penalty notices, invitations to take speed awareness courses, or even court summonses issued while the sign is absent will be at least unfair, if not unjustifiable.

The validity of thousands of pounds worth of fines could be at stake, as could people’s freedom and independence if they are facing the loss of their driving licences in court. We could see court cases collapsing.

The illuminated sign appears to have been taken down as part of works by Cambridgeshire County Council’s street lighting private finance initiative contractor Balfour Beatty.

The sign and the pole are both on the site at the moment, there appears no obvious reason why the sign couldn’t be easily re-affixed to the pole. I think our local councillors should review the way their contractors are dealing with work involving the removal of key signage so that it is reinstated as soon as possible. Temporary signs could be put up during works where required.

I think it is important to very clearly mark the transition from the dual carriageways to residential roads where drivers can expect more pedestrians and cyclists. As part of my consultation response on remodelling Milton Road I proposed clearer demarcation of the start of the city, perhaps with a large bike sculpture. The thirty mile an hour limit boundary needs to be clearly signed. I also suggested extending segregated cycle and footpaths to the science and business parks.

The initial 30 MPH signs on the entrance to Milton Road from the direction of the A14 are not currently well placed, where they are they are at a junction with four traffic lanes between the signs.

2 comments/updates on “Initial 30 MPH Sign Missing on Milton Road in Cambridge

  1. Richard Taylor Article author

    Balfour Beatty have acknowledged the problem:

    Good afternoon Richard, I have passed the information on to a contact in that area and will update you regards the 30mph sign as soon as they get back to me. Thanks,

  2. Karen

    I’ve noticed that too recently. I was surprised that so many people are driving so fast there and then I noticed that there was no sign! I wonder If there will be fines for it or not.
    Anyway, I am glad that they’ve already get back to you. I hope that the next time I will be on Milton road, the sign will be there too.


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