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Individual Voter Registration Proposals

On the 14th of October 2011 I responded to the consultation on a Government White Paper proposing introducing Individual Electoral Registration. I support individual voter registration, which is what we have outside of the canvass periods now, as I generally think individuals ought be able to control their own voter registration and the supply of [...]

Observing History – Heathrow Robbery Trial Starts Without Jury

Observing History – Heathrow Robbery Trial Starts Without Jury Supporters of the defendants in the UK’s first modern criminal trial where a jury has been denied placed banners on the railings outside the Royal Courts of Justice. This morning I went to the Royal Courts of Justice to personally witness the start of the first [...]

Ministers Given Power to Replace Inquests with Secret Inquiries

Last week the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 was passed by Parliament. The act gives ministers the power to order an secret inquiry, without a jury, be held instead of a coroner’s inquest. I think inquests should be open, public, processes during which the circumstances of a death are determined discussed. An outcome should be [...]

Jury Suggestions

Following my experience as a member of a Jury I wrote to my MP with some very simple suggestions for improving the Jury trial process: David Howarth, I would like to suggest that you seek to amend the Criminal Justice Act (or the relevant legislation) to ensure: A Jury should always be sent out of [...]