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  • Oakington IRC – 2008 Report by the Chief Inspector of Prisons

    Yet another damming report on Oakington Immigration Centre has been published, this time by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons (HMCIP). The content has been discussed in an article entitled: Immigration centre ‘is unsafe’ published on the BBC News website on the morning of Friday, 12 December 2008. Initially the report wasn’t available online, so I […]

  • Oakington IMB Interview

    I was today interviewed as part of the application process to become a member of the Independent Monitoring Board at Oakington Immigration Removal Centre. The interview broadly followed the published questions for the interview, (http://www.imb.gov.uk/docs/DC_10_04__Annex_C_.pdf ) to which I had prepared responses. I was impressed by the fact that those interviewing me, the vice-chair of […]

  • Oakington IMB Application

    I applied to become a member of the Independent Monitoring Board at Oakington Immigration Centre on the 2nd of December 2007. The two primary questions on the application form asked why I wanted to be a member of the IMB and what skills and abilities I had to offer, my responses to these questions, which […]

  • Inquiring about the Oakington IMB

    Dear Penny Lambert (IMB Chair, Oakington IMB), Having recently written to the IMB secretariat I understand that you currently have a vacancy on Oakington’s IMB. Could you please let me know if you are currently actively trying to fill this vacancy. The IMB secretariat has written to me saying: “Recruitment is carried out at a […]

  • Oakington Reception Centre IMB Annual Report 2005

    OAKINGTON IMMIGRATION RECEPTION CENTRE INDEPENDENT MONITORING BOARD ANNUAL REPORT OAKINGTON IMB REPORT 2005 – PDF version. Most Annual Reports from Independent Monitoring Boards are made available by the Home Office via their IMB website. Despite being made available to the Cambridge Evening News in time to write an article on the 2nd of May 2006, […]