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Police and Crime Commissioner Bright Walks Out of West Central Area Committee Meeting During Policing Item

Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Graham Bright made an appearance at the Cambridge’s West Central Area Committee on the 10th of January 2013. Mr Bright made a speech and took some questions, but didn’t stay to observe councillors set the new local police priorities for the area or see them hold the police to account [...]

Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel Cancel Planned Meeting

Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel Logo John Elworthy, the editor of a number of local newspapers, recently tweeted to note the cancellation of a meeting of Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Panel which had been scheduled for Wednesday the 9th of January 2013. Notice of the cancellation had been posted on the committee’s webpage on the [...]

Only 2.48 Percent of Cambridge’s Electorate Made Police and Crime Commissioner Graham Bright Their First Choice

Cambridgeshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner Graham Bright gained the first choice votes of only 2.48% of the electorate in Cambridge. In Cambridge, as in Peterborough, Labour’s Ed Murphy was the most popular first choice. More voters in Cambridge spoilt their papers than voted for two of the candidates. The first preference results for Cambridge were [...]

Police and Crime Commissioner Graham Bright Meets Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel Members Behind Closed Doors

On the 21st of November I went to Huntingdon where a a meeting of Cambridgeshire’s Shadow Police and Crime Panel was scheduled to take place. A meeting paper gave the “title/purpose” of the meeting as “Meet the Commissioner”. The meeting was listed online as being “private”, however in my view it met the legal definition [...]

Commissioner Bright Misses First Public Police Priority Setting Meeting Following Election

A sign like this was outside Longstanton Golf Club however it was too dark to read it, never mind take a photo. On Tuesday the 20th of November 2012 I attended the Swavesey police priority setting meeting. As the first local police priority setting meeting since the election of Graham Bright as Cambridgeshire’s Police and [...]

Cambs Police and Crime Commissioner Bright Dodges TASER Questions

When Cambridge’s newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner Graham Bright was asked to comment on Cambridgeshire Police Force’s use of TASER weapons by the Cambridge-News he responded: Tasers are an operational matter and I cannot interfere in operational matters. My view is that TASER policies; such as if they ought be routinely carried by front-line [...]

Commissioner Bright’s Priorities: 1. Anti-Social Behaviour 2. Catching Criminals

Tom Horn of Heart Radio in Cambridgeshire was given one of the first interviews with newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner Graham Bright. Graham Bright was asked about his priorities. His response was that the first was “anti-social behaviour”, with “catching criminals” only coming in at number two. Asked: “what are your priorities for Cambridgeshire” [...]

Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner Bright – First Speech

Following the announcement of the result of the election, Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner elect, Graham Bright, gave a short speech. I filmed it and have produced a transcript: Thank you Mr Returning Officer. And can I thank everyone? This has been an unusual election. Having an election in November is not the very best [...]

Local Police Priority Setting in Cambridge With Tory Graham Bright as Police and Crime Commissioner

On Saturday the 10th of November 2012 I spotted a tweet from Timothy Barnes of Stevenage saying he would be outside Cambridge’s Guildhall with the Tory Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Cambridge, Graham Bright. Later Graham Bright’s twitter account emitted a message saying “Pop along if you want to have a chat”; I saw [...]