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Dear E-Coppers,

You may have noticed that towards the end of September your East Neighbourhood team may have been a lot less visible on the streets. This is because in relation to residents concerns over drug dealing we launched a 3 day covert operation to tackle the supply of class A drugs on our streets.

I’m sure you will appreciate I cannot divulge too much detail about our tactics but it is safe to say that if you did see us, you would not have known we were police officers.

In the first phase of the operation we acted on a range of information we have received. Some of this information was really useful to us and it highlights the importance of the community acting as our eyes and ears, if you ever supply information to the police you can be assured it will remain anonymous and will be used to best effect. You may not always be updated for obvious reasons, but every little helps us piece together the bigger picture. Day one saw us arrest two suspected drug dealers, one for possessing a knife and cannabis in public and the other was wanted on a warrant.

Day 2 saw us deploy on the streets in various ways. We had initial success and arrested one drug dealer and recovered a quantity of heroin from inside his mouth. Then later that day we observed a drug deal taking place in the Abbey Ward, we attempted to stop the male but he ran off, he was pursued into a nearby flat where he and another male barricaded themselves inside. We forced entry and recovered a quantity of heroin and a large amount of cash, 3 persons inside the flat were arrested.

On day 3 we again deployed in various ways. We made an almost immediate arrest upon deployment of a known drug dealer, we recovered 30 wraps of heroin from inside his mouth. He has been remanded in custody pending his trial. Later that day we conducted three raids at premises around the east of the city, at one address we seized approximately £5000 cash along with a quantity of heroin, enquiries are ongoing.

Several of the 8 people we arrested were London based and have been banned from Cambridgeshire until our investigations conclude.

So all in all we made 8 arrests, conducted 3 drug raids, searched a further 4 addresses in the city for drugs and worked a crazy amount of hours. But every hour was well spent as I believe we made a big impact on street level supply. Our work is not over however, we still need to speak to several people and follow up on a few leads.

As always we are grateful for any support and information the community can provide us and will always work fearlessly to rid our streets of this menace.

With kind regards

Sgt 2140 Jamie Stenton East Neighbourhood Team Parkside Police Station Cambridge

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