Thursday 17th November 2011, High Street Cherry Hinton

Dear residents,

Anti-social behaviour can mean a wide range of unacceptable activity including vandalism, drunken behaviour, drug dealing, fly-posting, nuisance neighbours and intimidating groups taking over public spaces. Anti-social behaviour can ruin lives and can often create an environment where more serious crime can take hold.

You can help the police and other agencies to tackle problems in your neighbourhood by reporting anti-social behaviour when you see it. By coming forward and reporting anti-social behaviour you may prevent the same problem happening again and you will help make your community a safer place. If you have any information, concerns or want to report anti-social behaviour occurring in your neighbourhood we want to hear from you.

On Thursday 17th November 2011 come down to the High Street in Cherry Hinton to meet Cambridge City Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team and your local neighbourhood Police Officers. We will be there from 4pm to 6pm (Outside the shops) to talk to you about issues in your area, concerns you may have and to give out some advice on crime and ASB. For more information call 01223 457950 or simply reply to this email.

By playing an active role in your community you can really help make a difference and create a place where anti-social behaviour is tackled and not tolerated.

We look forward to meeting you.

PCSO Jamie Tumber & PC Phil Grime Cambridge City South NPT- Cherry Hinton

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