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Richard Taylor

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  • RTaylorUK profile image@HereBeSin I agree. Essentially in 1 in 5 cases we decided locally that the national criteria were unfair and wrong. @brett4cambridge - Monday Nov 24 2014
  • RTaylorUK profile imageI hope proposed, new, well meaning, regulation of zero hours contracts is framed so it doesn't deter people taking on freelancers. - Sunday Nov 23 2014
  • RTaylorUK profile image.@brett4cambridge I've followed some @camcitco enforcement cases. One reason for slow action was to give tenants of illegal dwellings notice - Sunday Nov 23 2014
  • RTaylorUK profile imageRT @CCSMSK: key news story but yes, local paper is silent«Problems with Addenbrookes' new electronic records system - Sunday Nov 23 2014
  • RTaylorUK profile imageChildcare Bill passed unanimously by MPs will hand public money to people earning up to u00a3150k/yr. Benefits shld be focused on those in need. - Saturday Nov 22 2014
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